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Now that is how we should be making money (income) all the time! Damn…..while I was fishing?

Someone very wise once told me….”you don’t need to have a job to make income….
You just need to make an income!”
Thank God, I didn’t have my stupid ego in the way and thought that I knew it all and that I was smart enough to look up and learn how to be a online marketer.

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Life is about WORKING HARD TO HARDLY WORK and staying focused. 
Yes you will work hard (your ASS OFF), but when the balls starts rolling by itself, that is when you hardly work.

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Here is the Social Proof…..


This is me Fishing!



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How are is that for you?


Are You Tapping Into The Potential That Is In The Inside?

Why is it that I run into some may people that are so unhappy about

  1. Where they are at in life?
  2. What they are doing for their life endeavor (work, career)?
  3. Who they have become?
  4. Why life does not bend to their direction and throw them a bone (a break)?

You may know people like this in your lives. Well I use to be one of those people, and then I realized that life is way to short to be living in a rut. Keep in mind that pursuing what is inside you involves a person who will always tell themselves the truth! Also surrounding ones self with greatness (other people further ahead of you) helps a lot as well.

The Truth shall set you free! Haven’t we heard that before in a spiritual context? Our lives are a spiritual journey, not just a pay check to pay check, drunken party to drunken party existences. Our happiness and our self fulfillment are directly linked to our purpose here on earth and who you call your God. So if you are battling with addictions (of every kind), boredom, depression, or any other destructive life pattern…chances are you are either not in touch with your Maker, true to yourself and not moving towards your destiny or in touch with your purpose…Something is a miss and its time to evaluate and take personal inventory.

Remember! If you are in a tough place in your life and you are reading this, please don’t feel bad about your situation. I have been where you are! The word on the street is that, you can make it. Something that I remembered that has been instilled in me and I have heard time and time again is every lap that we run is one lap less for those who come after us. Stay true to yourself and faithful to your purpose. For every test you pass or obstacle you over come, you become stronger and stronger. You will store up spiritual, monetary equity and blessing for your future generations. You’re making it easier for your children and on your grandchildren. Your dreams or the fruits of your purpose may not come to pass as you may hope it to arrive, but the seeds that you sow may be harvested by your children or your children’s children.

Here is something that I have been speaking out loud to myself at the start of each day, to keep me on track. I have picked up by John C Maxwell and have implemented these decisions in my life. I have also emailed my close peers, mentors and life coaches to keep me on track and occasionally they kick my butt as well. Oh and if you are married, make sure you send a copy to your significant other as well.

My 12 Decisions I Will Manage – Just For Today

  1. I will choose and display a positive attitude.
  2. I will determine and act on important priorities.
  3. I know and practice healthy guide lines.
  4. I will communicate and care for my family.
  5. I will practice and develop good thinking.
  6. I will make and keep proper commitments.
  7. I will earn and properly manage finances.
  8. I will deepen and live out my faith.
  9. I will initiate and invest in solid relationships.
  10.  I will plan for and model generosity.
  11.  I will embrace and practice good values.
  12.  I will seek and experience improvement.

I will manage these decisions just for today, because someday…I will see the compounding results over several days…

A life lived well.

Creditbility to a Leader is a Pocket Full of Change

I was reading in a mag the other day that my wife gave me, an article by John C Maxwell.  He went on to say….

“A leader with credibility has a pocketful of coins. As long a the pocket is full, the leader is believable, worthy of respect and able to be trusted. Each time the leader breaks a promise or acts inconsistently with professed values, he or she must spend some of the conins in their pocket. When the coins are gone, so is the leader’s credibility. No amount of persuasion or personal appeal will be able to buy it back. Once lost, respect and trust take years to regain”

Here are somethings that I learned from John’s article….Gold Life Nuggets to have a life time of crediblity.

1. Always speak the truth and always be open to questions.

2. Don’t hide bad news. – “With huge corporate scandals seared in our collective memories, we have entered on era in which transpaency is demanded live never before”

3. Never over-promise. – To may people over promise and under deliver…however this could happen to us on the home front -  We promise our kids that we are going to do this or that and then our jobs or business gets in the way and we change the plans on them.

 4. Do what you say you will do. – When you speak…speak with commitment and then seal it with a hand shack. Then never back down.

 In case you are leader and you have blown it big time, here is what John recommends you do when your credibility is in question.

1. Acknowledge the mistake.

2. Apologize.

3 Make amends

 Credibility allows you to develop strong relationships and its the bond between leaders and followers. Credibility in whatever your profession or discipline, is what will allow you to become successful in life.

 So always remember to keep a pocket full of changes.

 The artical “Credible Communication” that, John C Maxwell wrote is from The Leader’s Edge.

Enlarging Your Vision and Keep It Infront of YOU!

Have you wondered why…..

  1. You don’t get ahead.
  2. You had a great idea…but it faded away before you even tried to accomplish it.
  3. You feel like you have been spinning your wheels in your life for quite sometime.
  4. You feel like you have been failing lately in life


I think we all have been there! But I have some good new for those who have just been beating themselves up lately. – YOU ARE OKAY!


I am writing this, because that is what happened to me.


Just a couple of days ago, I have picked up another book to read and I bought “Your Best Life Now” by Joel Osteen. I remembered seeing him in the Larry King Show and I was very interested in his positive message in this crazy world. So I bought his book and I must say a very good read so far.


I have realized that the world does not care for people who give up or just float along in life. The world will not stop for the mentally week or wounded…now I don’t say this to be harsh, but I say this for people who are having self imposed pity parties for themselves. I will tell you first hand…people just don’t give a rip about how you feel! People have their own problems…why do they need yours.


What people care about are “people of purpose”, “people who are in the mode of conquering and accomplishing their dreams”. The world is hungry for great people to follow and be inspiring by. After thinking about this for sometime, I asked myself one question, that I was asked of 6-7 years earlier…..


Are you living a life worth following? 

In this book by Joel Osteen, he writes in his first chapter “Enlarging Your Vision”…which was exactly what I needed to hear. Now a lot of these principles I have heard before, but this time it hit like a good slap in the face (Wake up call).  Once you have figured out your vision and you have it in front of you…you must keep it there. Unfortunately, here is where most people stumble and or struggle.


You need to raise your level of expectancy. What you expect is what you will get. If you dwell on positive thoughts, your life will move in that direction, however if you think negative on a regular basis, you will start to live a life of negativity. The old saying goes…you reap what you sow.


After getting your stinking thinking sorted out, Joel Osteen mentioned in his book that you need to program your mind for success. “It’s important that you program your mind for success…”. “Each day, you must choose to live with an attitude that expects good things to happen to you”.  This is where I believe most people…including myself fall and stumble. We don’t stay committed to the “Choice” the “Each day, you must choose…” we just give up and let our self talk and thought life just kill our vision and dreams.

Here is a couple of suggestion that Joel gives in book,


  1. Say this statement every morning before conquering the world – “This is going to be a great day. God is guiding and directing my steps. His favor is surrounding me. Goodness and mercy are following me. I’m excited about today.” We must expect and anticipate good thins and favor to come our way and you will find yourself in the right place and the right time.
  2. Don’t listen to lies from your self talk or from dream steals (people, coworkers or family and friends who tell you, that it can’t be done). – God (or your gods) wants you to get your hopes up. You can’t develop faith without hope.
  3. Always set your expectations higher. – Our expectations se the boundaries for our lives. Jesus said “According to your faith be it done onto you” KJ
  4. Start using your eyes of faith. – You must see yourself as a happy, health and whole person…even when your situation looks bleak and your are tempted to be discouraged and depress must encourage yourself through prayer or mediation.
  5. Prayer or Meditation – Spend a 1/2hour to 1hour in prayer or meditation to get your attitude in the right place so that you make it through the day. Here is a suggestion of a prayer from Joel Osteen’s book “God, I know that You are in control, and even though this looks impossible, I know today could be the day that things turn around. Today could be the day You restore my marriage or relationship. This could be the day You bring my child home. Today may be the day my business begins to prosper exponentially. This could be the day I see my miracle”
  6. Avoid negative statements and also let other people’s negative statements slide off you… like water on a ducks back.
  7. Expose yourself to an atmosphere of success. – This will get you dreaming again.
  8. Surround yourself with successful people. – This too will expand your thinking and association as well. Through positive association…doors will open. Just remember Proverbs 13:20 “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.”
  9. Find a place where you can dream – Go touch, feel, smell and see your dreams…may it be, test driving a car, home shows or tours, look at travel magazines etc….you must feed your faith to accomplish your dreams.
  10. “NEVER NEVER GIVE UP” – Winston Churchill